Alan McKendry

Prior clients / experience

Strategy | Sales | Business Development | Technology | Investment

Extensive international experience with multinationals, SME's & startup's that includes CEO, VP, director & non-executive director roles across EMEA & CEE. Consultant, interim and turnaround focused on strategy, sales, business development, technology and investment.

A number of senior positions with Hewlett Packard at both country and regional levels including EMEA client director responsible for $240m portfolio of telecom & media accounts (Inc. AT&T, Disney, TimeWarner). Leadership consistently increased revenue, margin and customer satisfaction, as well creating a number of successful joint-go-to markets resulting in multiple $500m deals (e.g Ericsson / HP Telecoms Outsourcing).

More recently successes include turnaround CEO roles in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), consulting engagements, angel investments, non-exectutive director and advisor roles including raising financing.

CEO | Consultant | Interim | Turnaround | Non-Exec

Defining and executing strategy, sales, business development, alliances & partnerships for both multinationals & startups.

Recent projects include: ehealth, app development, cloud, IoT, Security (PiV, Network, client / server, payment)...

  • Providing and managing sales & technical development resources for EMEA / CEE market entry & expansion
  • Solution Definition (products & services), Development and Systems integration
  • Sourcing - finding the right products & services to enable opportunities and reduce cost
  • Investment / M&A - Enabling Investment & Disinvestment
  • Interim Management & Turnaround

Director Spa4Schools

Office, educational & computing supplies reseller - Interim management, succession & exit planning, restructured partnership to Ltd, redefined supplier contracts, future automation and ecommerce plan. 33% growth year on year, continually awarded NI Education Authority tenders.

CEO, Ginger Alliance

OpenSource SaaS & managed services (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Adidas, IBM, Telenor, Nokia). Strategy, revenue model, productisation (OTT Device Management, Content Delivery & Billing platform), resulting in exit and shareholder ROI.

CEO, Pipeline, Czech Republic

Mobile billing mediation & aggregation: Acquisition, turnaround, integration of operations with Ginger Alliance and automation of processes for sales and accounting to reduce cost & risk; defined supplier & alliance contracts.

Director Global Accounts, Hewlett Packard, EMEA

Identified, created and managed new $240m portfolio of 16 previously untargeted global accounts in EMEA (NTT DoCoMo, Hutchison Whampoa, Verizon, DirectTV, Disney, AT&T, TimeWarner / AOL). Defined & managed partnerships and joint-go-to-markets including HP/Ericsson end-to-end outsourcing which delivered multiple $500m deals e.g. h2G, Vodafone.

Sales Director & Client Principal, HP Services, Norway

Grew a country account to $120m+ global account; enabling resource reallocation. Business development cases created enduring CxO relationships e.g. $1bn airline mobile operator (Telenor Aeromobile), WLAN model for 300 Statoil Petrol stations), satellite self-service ecommerce portal.

Sales Director & Principal Consultant, HP Services, Northern Europe

Led regional strategic deals (Strategic Win Team).Identified, managed & closed $30m+ deals e.g. KPN, Vodafone, Telenor, Tele2, Telia, Belgian lottery (end-user apps, delivery platforms, portals, mobile payment, MVNO).

Senior Consultant / Solutions Architect, HP Consulting, UK

$20m+ of projects: Lotus Cars (In Car devices & apps), Easy Group (Infrastructure, apps, internet cafes), Sainsburys (Ecommerce), Dolphin communications (Tetra operator model), Transco ($40m - Data Centres), Outokumpu (Knowledge Management). Defined strategy (SaaS, Cloud) resulting in new partnerships and the creation of a dedicated delivery team.

Ecommerce Manager (Hamleys, Links of London, VP...) Equire, UK

Defined and managed a single set of business processes & technology leveraged for all brands reducing cost: customer service (contact centre), technology ($1m eCommerce platform), content management, UK & US fulfilment centres.

Director Sales (N.Europe), Hewlett Packard

Northern European Network and Service Provider accounts and part of the regional SWAT team. Assisting / leading business development, structuring engagements and delivery.

Projects and Achievements included:

  • Business development of delivery platforms, portals, self-service, payment, streaming media; enabled solution sales e.g.$30m case resulted in multiple wins
  • Assisted country account teams to find, manage and close new opportunities e.g. $2.5m breakthrough with a new operator for IT network & management solutions
  • Created a remote mobile demo, increasing customer access and reducing the need for travel
  • Exceeded all targets (Revenue, Margin, Business Dev, Utilisation)

Director Sales (Norway), Hewlett Packard

Provided a temporary presence due to restructuring; as the Principal Consultant in Norway for Network & Service Provider accounts. Maintaining and growing business; enabling a new team to be built.

Projects and achievements included:

  • Maintained & grew Telenor account enabling its transformation into a global account / the top100
  • Led opportunities, sourcing resources worldwide to enable them
  • Business Development e.g. WLAN operator model, satellite operator self-service portal etc resulting in projects & trials ($5m) and improved relationships
  • Exceeded all targets (Revenue, business dev, utilisation, satisfaction)

Senior Consultant (UK), Hewlett Packard

Solutions architect / Business consultant working across industry verticals. Focused on extending e-services business by leading pre-sales and delivery teams; specialising in Service Providers, Mobility and E-CRM.

Projects and achievements included:

  • Qualification, requirements definition, proposal generation and delivery. Projects ranged from $50k to $20m e.g. Transco, Sainsbury's, Lotus Cars, Easy group
  • Solution Architect of a mining industry Knowledge Management solution. $1m project defined Knowledge Model, business case and solution overviews
  • Input into planning and communication of solutions areas and partners e.g. publication of white papers including a CRM brief for 5000 clients
  • Exceeded all targets (Utilisation, customer satisfaction)

Management team / Senior Consultant, Equire (UK)

Founder employee and part of the team that created a single Fulfillment, Customer Service and Technology platform to enable Equire´s first three luxury retail joint ventures:,,

Projects and achievements included:

  • Led Product mix, process planning; reducing distribution cost by 60%
  • Produced business processes, functional & non-functional requirements
  • 6-week BroadVision implementations exceed industry standard by 50%
  • Digital marketing mix, one-to-one personalization, search engine optimization, analysis of sales & visitors; enabling process improvements and driving sales

Other roles and projects

Include blue chip, start-up, turnaround and government. Independent projects range from property to consulting. Examples include projects with Nucleus Ltd and clients such as:

  • Asda
  • Unilever
  • Homeowners Friendly

More information is available on request. Also see investments