Automatic response to GDPR emails

How to auto reply to GDPR emails with Microsoft Flow?


Like much of the rest of the world your inbox is getting cluttered with GDPR emails. Whilst its great that GDPR gives more control over your data its a pain keeping on top of it. One solution is to set up mailbox rules to automatically flag* and move them to a folder and set up an automatic response. You could also manually flag emails and move them to the trigger folder. 

Microsoft Flow can then be used to send a reply from a "Shared mailbox" rather than your own mailbox to further reduce clutter from subsequent responses. This could be a no-reply address or the shared mailbox for your legal dept for example. The response includes the email address that the mail was sent to, attaches the body of the email and has a message on the required actions such as requesting removal etc 

  Microsoft flow - Automatic GDPR response


* in this flow the flag is important as is used as the trigger for the flow. It is set by another flow and mailbox rules.

The same principal can be used to report abuse emails etc 

Take back more control of you inbox by bouncing emails from those outside your network. If you respond to them with details of how to contact you via then they can still contact you if they pay a fee in bitcoin.